Ask Gary

Why did you decide to run for Mayor?
I have a lifelong history of leadership and service to the community, including as a member of the armed services, police officer and as a volunteer. I believe that leadership does not retire, nor does it rest and I am ready to serve the City of Cedar Rapids as its mayor, providing leadership for the future.

Why should I vote for you for Mayor?
I believe a strong leader is critical to move Cedar Rapids into the future. Equally as important is a leader that listens. I strive to be both.

I’ve spent my life in public service – in law enforcement and criminal justice for more than four decades – as a police officer, Cedar Rapids Police Chief and director of the 6th Judicial District Department of Correctional Service. I have also served on several non-profit organization boards within our community, and have been honored to receive recognition and awards for leadership, business and volunteer service, including “Community Trustee Award,” Leadership for Five Seasons, Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce, and “Cedar Rapids’ Community Leader,” Cedar Rapids Gazette’s Success Magazine.

In each stage in my professional and volunteer careers, it has been listening to all the voices in our community that has enabled me to be a successful leader.

What from your background most illustrates why you would be a good mayor?
When I was ten days old my brother Lowell was taken away to live in a state supported facility for children with physical and mental disabilities. The only time I saw him was at his funeral 26 years later. What happened to Lowell has defined my life. I am husband, father and public servant and I am Lowell’s little brother. For Lowell, I have focused my life and work on public service – motivated by an aspiration to seek justice to those whose voices are not always heard. I stand up for the silent, the bullied, the underserved in our community.

What are the top issues you think are facing Cedar Rapids?

  • Reducing the risk of damage from future flooding
  • Fueling economic development through support of local businesses and individual workers.
  • Spurring neighborhood growth and development
  • Creating a mix of housing options, serving residents of all income levels.
  • Ensuring Cedar Rapids is and remains a city of equality, equity, and transparency
  • Securing the safety of all Cedar Rapidians

What do you think Cedar Rapids should do more of?
Cedar Rapids is at its best when we all work together for the greater good of all our neighbors. The flood of 2008 and again in 2016 proved this. I believe what Cedar Rapids needs most is tested, honest and consistent leadership that will continue to bring the community together and into the future.

Where can I get a yard sign?
Thank you for your support! Please click here to fill out a request for a yard sign.

How do I to sign up to volunteer?
I would love to have you on my team! Please click here to send me a message and myself or a member of my campaign team will be in touch shortly.

How can I host a fundraising event?
Absolutely! Please click here to send me a message and myself or a member of my campaign team will be in touch shortly.

How can I serve you?

I want to be a mayor for all Cedar Rapidians. Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.