I have focused my life and work on public service – as a police officer, Cedar Rapids Chief of Police, Director of the Sixth Judicial District and President of the American Parole and Probation Association – motivated by an aspiration to seek justice for those whose voices are not always heard. I love this city. It is where my wife Linda and I chose to raise our three beautiful daughters. I would be honored to serve as your next mayor.

In Cedar Rapids we help one another. We care about those without a voice. That is what makes our city great. The historic flood of 2008 taught us that at our core, we are a unified city, with the river as the promising epicenter of our community. As we prevented a catastrophe in last summer’s flood, we again showed that we are capable of amazing results as a united city working together.

As mayor of Cedar Rapids, I want to continue to build on this momentum with a pledge and a platform of continued community development, working for the betterment, dignity and security of all Cedar Rapidians. Our talented business leaders, our caring neighborhood and community leaders and our dedicated government leaders can work in unity to make Cedar Rapids even better, more equitable and safer for all.

It’s critical that our next mayor is able to identify the major problems facing the city and will provide Leadership for the Future. If elected, I promise decisive action on all of the challenges facing Cedar Rapids that I have outlined below. Please let me know if there is a problem facing our city that is troubling you. Help me lead our city forward.

Reducing Flood Concerns and River Conservation

“I pledge to redouble efforts to implement flood protection for both sides of the river.”
Efforts to reduce flood concerns and river conservation must continue but at a quicker pace. We will bring those working on flood protection and those working with Linn County river conservation efforts, together with the Iowa Flood Center to map a combination of efforts to reduce concerns of flooding. Business owners and developers must be provided a strong sense of confidence that they can build successfully without fearing major flooding on either side of the river.

Fueling Economic Development

“I pledge to ensure Cedar Rapids continues to be one of the most business friendly communities in the state as embraced by our current mayor and city council.”
As Mayor furthering development and expansion of economically vital hubs throughout our city will be a priority. Realizing the Cedar River is not a divider, but the epicenter of our city is important to our community’s growth.

Neighborhood Growth and Development

“I pledge to work side by side with neighborhood associations to ensure community building remains a focus of the City of Cedar Rapids.
For many years I have been on the forefront in guiding and assisting the formation of the local neighborhood associations throughout our city. Consistent funding is just as critical as are volunteers to spur further growth and development of the neighborhood associations. For this reason, I stand in support of creation of the Neighborhood Finance Corporation.


“I pledge to continue to encourage the development of housing options for all in our community.”
It is important to meet the housing needs of the community and assist those in need of housing. It is also important to promote a mix of housing options at range of price points to meet the needs of our current residents and to attract and retain a dynamic workforce. During my career I have had the opportunity to oversee several construction projects. While difficult, it is incredibly rewarding at the end of a project to see a family move into their new home. Children with safe, comfortable beds to sleep in and parents that can rest easy knowing their family has a place to call home.

Local Work Force

“I pledge to support businesses that create and expand jobs for local workers.”
I will support the advancement of working men, women and families in our community. Using local women and men who are proud to raise their families and spend their money in Cedar Rapids is important to the continued success of our city. Employing local workers gives pride to the local community and spurs our local economy.

Equality, Equity, and Transparency

“I pledge to ensure transparency and equal opportunities for all Cedar Rapidians regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.”
It is essential for all members of our community – especially our government officials – to be transparent in our conversations and our plans for the future of Cedar Rapids. For decades I have had my boots on the ground, next to you, working together with respect and dignity for all our neighbors. With you by my side, I have led the development of programs to provide members of our community a pathway to success. This includes mentoring of children and adults, enhancing employment opportunities, and developing fair housing.

Safe Cedar Rapids

“I pledge to support the efforts of our City Manager and law enforcement to keep our community safe for all.”
A safe community is the necessary foundation for a thriving, equitable and economically progressive city. I’ve spent my life in public service in law enforcement and criminal justice. For more than four decades I have initiated and developed programs that have been national models. I have been on the front lines working through several natural or man-made disasters.

How can I serve you?

I want to be a mayor for all Cedar Rapidians. Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.